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Shikake” is a Japanese word with various meanings, depending on the context.

In the context of shikakeology, a shikake has 3 characteristics:

1. A shikake is an embodied trigger for behavior change.

2. The trigger is designed to induce a specific behavior.

3. The behavior solves a social or personal problem.

From a shikake perspective, physical triggers are used to ignite psychological triggers, and psychological triggers work as driving forces for changing behaviour.

As described above, psychological triggers are categorised differently—as persuasion, engagement, nudges, human factors, and biases—in accordance with different perspectives, in order to best describe the fundamental mechanism.

Physical triggers are also considered in various ways, such as perceived affordance (or signifier), feedback, and technologies, to specify the component of a trigger. Furthermore, a physical trigger is associated with a psychological trigger, and that, specifically, is what a shikake focuses on, as the combination works strongly to facilitate behaviour change.

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