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Prestige Ozonizer

Riding on the pandemic wave, many a corporations have used this opportunity to encash on people's insecurities and fears to introduce hygiene related products. Prestige, a popular brand in home appliances launched an ozonizer which supposedly keeps fruits, veggies and meat, fresh and clean. It also deodorises meat.

Below are the advertisement campaign they have been putting out.

Although there is mention of meat, there is no meat in the bowl shown. In the second campaign they seem to have added a small thumbnail of fishes emerging from a seemingly different dimension.

Why is this so?

Casteism. Vegetarianism has a tag of purity and is a social stance in India due to the upper caste hegemony that has plagued this land for centuries. Corporations think twice to put meat in their campaigns for this very reason, even though 75%+ of the nation eat meat. This may, however be an unconscious mistake, either way it upholds the pure vegetarian narrative and reinforces them in visual form.

Hmmm, you did?! You called it ozonizer. Please do not attempt this humour ever again, please thank you.

Ah yes! Caste* in Indian soil and thank you for the extra leisure time you provided the very many unpaid womenfolk of this nation.

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