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Pors & Rao

Soren Pors & Aparna Rao work with objects and installations often incorporating physical animation and responsive behaviours. After toiling with computer simulations, the internet, and gameplay in the early 2000s, they both abandoned the screen to work with objects that engage the body.

Many of their works are conceived as a kind of 'being' with basic behaviors such as shyness, fatigue and dependency, highlighting involuntary aspects of human behavior and relationships. Often works imply a kind of pre-conceptual way of perceiving the world, where emotions and thoughts are animating the things around us — as if everything was conscious.

The humour in their work seems to arise from the antithesis of what Henri Bergson theorised as "laughter is induced when something mechanical is encrusted upon the living". Here an attempt is made to encrust living upon the mechanical which induces humour in the viewer. The work although limited within the walls of art galleries, is extremely fun and a treat to interact with.

Watch this Ted Talk for further details on their work.

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