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Honest, Responsible & Playful

Keywords align the project premise and conshumourism essentially works in the intersection of design, humour and sustainability. Methods drive the project and conshumourism is open source (free to use and share), critical (of self, design and society at large) and speculative (of possible near and distant futures). Values provide the essential tone and conshumourism will try to possess a honest, responsible and playful demeanour.

Honest: free of deceit; truthful and sincere.

Honest about what?

About the entire lifecycle of the product - where the raw materials, labours, profits, safety information, afterlife.

Why honest?

People are increasingly getting disillusioned by the age old marketing and advertising tactics that create needs that are to say the least, inessential and deceitful. Commercial interests should never be more important than the people's interests.

How can humour help?

Humour is a great tool to speak truth to power, and this truth which is normally harsh can be made more palatable through humour. All good humour finds its base in some sincere ideas.

If BMW made a half honest advertisement about their cars. (source)

Responsible: being the primary cause of something and so able to be blamed or credited for it.

Responsible for/about what?

Responsible for moving towards a world that is more equal in terms of social and economic conditions, and ecologically sustainable to support life.

Why responsible?

A humanitarian crises of socio economic inequality, xenophobia, fascism and an existential crises of climate catastrophe , biodiversity collapse and pandemics are looming over us. We need to immediately address the humanitarian crises to effectively fight the bigger existential crises.

How can humour help?

Humour has the ability make something appealing and 'cool'. It can be used to make being responsible look appealing, which is otherwise is thought of as a bane or curse. Humour can also expose the absurdity of our current lifestyle and hopefully nudge people to make necessary amendments.

possible future of birth control (source)

Playful: fond of games and amusement; light-hearted.

Playful about what?

Playful in the way interact with each other and the things around us.

Why playful?

One does not need to be serious about things, just that one needs to be sincere. Seriousness only achieves fear and fear isn't an affective driver of change.

How can humour help?

Willingness to play is an absolute prerequisite for humour. Humour can help make the shift from serious to sincere and fear to concern.

who doesn't love a paper toss challenge?

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