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Film: in which Annie gives it those ones

Updated: May 9, 2021

Released in 1989, the film was written by Arundhati Roy, directed by Pradip Krishen and produced by (guess who?!) THE DOORDARSHAN! It aired only once on a midnight and never again. The film was later reportedly picked up by students across design, architecture and film schools across the country and made it into a cult classic that it is today. You can watch it here!

The plot revolves around Anand aka Annie who has spent 4 years in his 5th year of architecture at School of Planning and Architecture Delhi and his outlandish schemes to use his education to benefit society like planting trees alongside railway lines which would then be fertilised by all the good folks taking a shit on the train. Annie somehow does not ever seem to convince the faculty enough for him to graduate. The film builds up to the final jury day, on the way showing the various courses students at SPA go through.

This is a story about the rawness and vulnerability of youth and Pradip Krishen narrates it with warmth and immense affection - Anupama Chopra

The film explores various ideas like patriarchy, classism, privilege, politics of design and design education with loads of humour.

  • The film exposes the sexist attitudes portrayed by both male and female actors throughout the film.

  • It exposes the apathy and insensitivity the faculties at design schools portray and the movie clearly favours the students in its narrative.

  • It criticises the very profession of architecture and its purpose in society and how these schools push an idea of design that serves the ruling class.

  • Also attempts to humanise the lives and profession of sex workers.

  • The film highlights at multiple points about the narcissistic nature of designers and artists. Also provides some useful tips to use this to your advantage as a student by giving them something to feel smart about and hide your errors.

Some scenes from the film

Some BTS from the film. Read more here.

A quintessential film for every design student. This film has greatly influenced conshumourism in its ideology and purpose.

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