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conshumourism x netflix

Design Brief

Introduce interventions (experience, interaction or visual) that will distort the current Netflix TV app and leave the user annoyed and frustrated.

Design Philosophy

Introducing inconvenience is largely the thought behind the interventions. User convenience, the central idea of today's design philosophy when challenged often leads to user annoyance and frustration. Interventions are given a humorous tinge to invite and probe into deeper enquiries and introspect.

Tweaked the netflix landing page and added an additional interaction to get to the actual profile page. Meta irony is employed to frustrate the user with a button

that says “stop kidding and show my profiles!” while I’m not kidding at all. We are being watched while we want to watch.


The search engine will now work only in presence of mothers, because that’s how things are found in real life. There’s nothing mothers can’t find. So frustrating, isn’t it?

I’ll call this one “ammazing search engine”.


How can we miss out on the product placement part of films. Here’s an intervention to actually pop each and every product that gets featured in the film. Don’t worry we’ll drop in the shopping links for instant buying.


Don’t have popcorns or can’t afford one? We got you covered. Always on popcorn bucket is now out. Of course, you would have to pay to remove it from the screen.


We all have that one friend who keeps poking nose into film watching experience by saying things like “ohh this is the best part!” “you gotta watch this!!”, I mean I was going to watch it anyway but thanks. So this is a SIRI like pop up incase you miss that friend. Siritating, really.

Hope you got annoyed :)

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