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Birds Aren't Real

Birds Aren't Real describes themselves as "A movement has been active since 1976. Once a preventative cause, our initial goal was to stop the genocide of real birds. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful, and the government has since replaced every living bird with robotic replicas. Now our movement's prerogative is to make everyone aware of this fact. We are the voice brave enough to cry out. We are the storm thundering across the horizon. We are the candle in the dark room. We are the only hope this country has left. For years, your rights have been violated. We care about that. We care that the government watches you drive to work, eat, and sleep. They see everything from above, without an ounce of consent from their own citizens."

Highlighting the perils of surveillance culture through dead pan humour, Birds Aren't Real is a ridiculously hilarious and important movement. The r/birdsarentreal subreddit has 300k+ followers where they discuss about government and corporate surveillance with healthy serving of humour on the side.

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