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Bengaluru City Police

Bengaluru City Police (BCP) is one of the pioneer in using humour in various ways to enforce law and order in the city, many other cities have followed suit. BCP started to address traffic and civil law breaking issues through memes on social media. The theme of the memes of were weirdly upto the trend and many suspect that they have hired a professional memer, a very coveted job among the youth of Bengaluru city. The comfort and assurance of a government job and the life of a meme maker is a utopia for many.

This made the city police very popular among the younger generations and changed the image of a draconian state institutions to a body of governance that is somewhat approachable and friendly.

Apart from the using humour on the internet, they installed police mannequins in several places to scare people to follow rules even in absence of a policeman. Although the mannequins drew criticism as they were too fair and thin to fit the policeman archetype.

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